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This website seeks to provide information about the features of socket 939 motherboards and CPUs particularly aimed at helping those who are building, upgrading or planning to build a PC.
A modern PC comprises a number of components, the foremost of which is the Motherboard (often called a 'Mobo'), followed by the CPU. This site is committed to providing information specifically related to Motherboards and CPU's using the socket 939 configuration. Where links are evident on the pages of this site, they will usually open up the glossary page which seeks to explain some of the technical terms in plain language. more about this website..

  The Motherboard is basically the principal printed circuit board in a computer, the configuration of which defines the properties for any other components that are connected to it. This type of PC configuration must have a CPU with a suitable heatsink/fan for cooling, a hard disk (IDE or SATA) and some sticks of RAM (Random Access Memory). Some more recent Motherboards will have built-in graphics, others require a graphics card. Virtually all modern Motherboards include on-board sound, but on-board sound and graphics may be upgraded by adding a card to a spare PCI PCIe or AGP slot on the Motherboard.
Socket 939 Motherboards like most others come in either a standard 'ATX' size or mini ATX (sometimes called mATX or ATXm), the mini ATX is smaller and may be fitted in either an ATX or mini ATX enclosure. In most instances the mini-ATX Motherboard has fewer slots for RAM and PCI cards.

There are many other compatible components that could be added to a PC set-up, but the above comprises the essential starting blocks. Socket 939 Motherboards primarily use AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Sempron or Opteron CPUs which are specifically designed to fit onto the Motherboard using a special bracket - more.....

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